Cloud database environments

Cloud database environments

Stefano Fantin ha una notevole di ambienti cloud e offre i servizi di cloud dba.

Cloud DBA può essere :

  • cloud dba Oracle
  • cloud dba MySql
  • cloud dba Postgresql
  • cloud dba IBM DB2


Cloud DBA Oracle

Stefano Fantin ha studi tecnici come Cloud DBA Oracle:

Cloud DBA Oracle 8i : webDB, outline, DBMS_REPAIR, logMiner, DROP column, LMT, TRIM function, MERGE partitions, HASH and COMPOSITE partitions
Cloud DBA Oracle 9i : fast-start time-based recovery limit, Flashback Query, Resumable Space Allocation, Trial Recovery, Data Guard, online index rebuild, Online table redefinitions,SPFILE, External Tables, ASSM, Oracle RAC, OMF
Cloud DBA Oracle 10g : Data Pump, AWR, ASH, ADDM, SQL Tuning Advisor, Oracle scheduler, Segment Shrink, Segment Advisor, BFT, Flash Recovery Area
Cloud DBA Oracle 11g : DNFS, Online Patching, ASM Fast Mirror Resync, md_backup, md_restore, AWR baseline template, File Watcher, AMM, INCREMENTAL and PENDING statistics, Interval Partitioning
Cloud DBA Database Oracle 12c : multitenant Container DataBase, CDB, PDB, ADO, Heat MAp, PGA Size Limit, DBMS_QOPATCH, Automatic Big Table Caching, In- Memory (IM) Column Store


Cloud DBA Mysql 4.0: in beta da agosto 2002, rilasciata in produzione ad agosto 2003

Cloud DBA Mysql 4.01: in beta da agosto 2003

Cloud DBA Mysql 4.1: in beta da giugno 2004, rilascio in produzione ottobre 2004 : R-trees and B-trees, subqueries, prepared statements

Cloud DBA Mysql 5.0: in beta da marzo 2005, rilascio in produzione 2005 : cursors, stored procedures, triggers, views, XA transactions;
Sun Microsystems compra MySQL AB nel 2008.

Cloud DBA Mysql 5.1: rilascio in produzione 27 November 2008 : event scheduler, partitioning, plugin API, row-based replication, server log tables;
Oracle acquisisce Sun Microsystems il 27 January 2010.

Cloud DBA MySQL Server 5.5 : in December 2010 presentava le seguenti caratteristiche:
storage engine InnoDB, Improved InnoDB I/O subsystem, Improved SMP support, Semisynchronous replication. SIGNAL and RESIGNAL statement in compliance with the SQL standard. Support for supplementary Unicode character sets utf16, utf32, and utf8mb4. New options for user-defined partitioning.

Cloud DBA MySQL 5.6 annunciata in febbraio 2013 con le seguenti caratteristiche: query optimizer, higher transactional throughput in InnoDB, new NoSQL-style memcached APIs, improvements to partitioning for querying and managing very large tables, TIMESTAMP column type that correctly stores milliseconds, improvements to replication, and better performance monitoring by expanding the data available through the PERFORMANCE_SCHEMA. T

Cloud DBA MySQL 5.7 : annunciata in ottobre 2015.

Cloud DBA MySQL Server 8.0 – (Milestone Release) : annunciata 12 September 2016.



Cloud DBA Postgresql 8.0 : PITR, Tablespace, Windows Support, Savepoints
Cloud DBA Postgresql 8.1 : Table partioning, Bitmap scans, Two-Phase commits, autovacuum
Cloud DBA Postgresql 8.2 : Warm Standby, SQL 2003, Concurrent Index Builds, Gin indexes
Cloud DBA Postgresql 8.3 : Hot updates, Asynchronous commit, XML, Fulltext search, Distribuited checkpoints
Cloud DBA Postgresql 8.4 : Windows functions, CTEs, Database collations, Per-Column permission
Cloud DBA Postgresql 9.0 : Hot Standby, Streaming Replication, Column Triggers, Conditional Triggers, hstore
Cloud DBA Postgresql 9.1 : Synchronous Replication, Writable CTEs, Extension, Foreign Data Wrappers, Unlogged tables, Serialisable Snapshot Isolation, Column collations
Cloud DBA Postgresql 9.2 : Cascading Replication, Index-Only scans, pg_stat_statements, Json, Ranges
Cloud DBA Postgresql 9.3 : Writable Foreign Data Wrappers, Materialised Views, JSON functions and operators, LATERAL
Cloud DBA Postgresql 9.4 : Logical replication, Replication slots, JSONB –> GIN (Generalized Inverted Index), scalability : Logical Decoding
Cloud DBA Postgresql 9.5 : UPSERT, Row-level security, functionality for Big Data: BRIN index, algorithm called “keys abbreviated”,CUBE, ROLLUP, and GROUPING SET, TABLESAMPLE, Foreign Data Wrappers (FDW)Remote DBA

Cloud DBA Postgresql 9.6 : Scalabilità verticale tramite query parallele, Scalabilità orizzontale tramite replica sincrona e ‘postgres_fdw’, Miglior ricerca testuale con le frasi. Parallel Query : Parallel sequential scans, parallel joins, parallel aggregates. Transactions, VACUUM and the Visibility Map : pg_visibility extension for examining visibility maps, Frozen page data in visibility map for skipping vacuum on already-frozen data, User-defined expiration of snapshots to control table bloat. Performance and Monitoring :
Detailed wait information in pg_stat_activity, Index-only scans for partial indexes, Performance improvements for external sort operations. System Views and Administration : New system view pg_config, pg_blocking_pids, Functions pg_get_* to return NULL on invalid
objects, pg_notification_queue_usage to look at notify queue. Backups : pg_basebackup extended with replication slots, New API for hot physical backups. Other Features: Command progress reporting, Generic WAL facility, Trigonometric functions in degrees.



CLOUD DBA Experts.

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